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33 deaths in one month, the hour is serious !

Publié le jeudi 9 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

The devastating Delta variant for Togo ? This is the big question, but the picture is clear. The figures for contaminations and deaths have gone upward.

“What we are seeing is that there is a fourfold increase in the number of active cases with more than 5,000 patients. The number of deaths is only increasing, in June we had 4 deaths, in July 22 deaths and in August 33. We recorded almost over a third of the deaths between July and August. The current epidemiological situation is serious, it is worrying, it is extremely serious because we are currently saturated with all health structures. All the measures have been proposed, from the strongest measures to general measures to be able to control very quickly this situation which is becoming a little alarming ”, analyzed the President of the Scientific Council, Pr Didier Koumavi Ekouévi.

Before further measures to curb the trend of spread, Prime Minister Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé today sat down with the actors involved in managing the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.