Infos Togo Togo-Increase in the price of petroleum products

"An unpopular and genocidal measure" assimilated to "one more provocation of the regime", analyzes Foly Satchivi

Publié le mardi 15 juin 2021, par Gabinho

Like all Togolese, Foly Satchivi is not happy with the measure to increase the price of petroleum products taken yesterday Thursday by the Togolese government and which came into effect at 12 a.m. on Friday.

In a statement which sets out his analysis of the situation, he finds that this measure of increasing the price of petroleum products by up to 18%, the head of the FCC (Front Commun pour le Change) notes that "this unpopular and genocidal measure which has took effect this Friday, was experienced by Togolese, already struck down by hunger, poverty, unemployment, underemployment and the tragic consequences of inappropriate measures taken in the fight against Covid-19 as a provocation more of the regime, apparently not very concerned about the well-being of the lower people ”and that“ it is now clear to all that this government and its leader have nothing to do with the suffering and the ever increasing misery of the lower -people ”.

Also, could we read in the declaration, "therefore taking note of this manifest desire of the regime to make life hard and unbearable for Togolese, the Common Front for Change (FCC) asks all the oppressed and exploited population to join. to him and to the pro-democracy organizations, from this moment on, to thwart this Machiavellian policy and achieve the 55 points which were transmitted, on May 5, 2021, to President Faure Gnassingbé ”. He tries to convey to all who embrace his struggle that “bitching is not enough today. If we want to be respected and avoid being the cash cow of people willing to do anything to satisfy their desire, ACT. It is only from Action, yes from collective action that our salvation will flow. " He therefore invites "all Togolese, from now on, to consider themselves an important element in this fight for change, bread and freedom".

And he says that "in this fight for survival, bread and freedom, political, ethnic or religious affiliation does not matter. Only our salvation and our well-being count and must count. One of two things : Either we act together on the deal, or we all perish. It’s up to us to choose !
Youth must wake up ! Women and men too ! May every Togolese who loves himself and truly loves this country take responsibility and stand ready for the slogans to come. Any attempt to gain acceptance for this snake must be vigorously opposed. No room for fear, abdication and resignation either. "

“From our courage will be born our freedom (economic and political) ! Bread and Freedom for All ! », These are the slogans with which Foly Satchivi concludes his statement.