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Colonel DJIBRIL : "we are not going to celebrate February 14 like before"

Publié le vendredi 12 février 2021, par Gabinho

Little by little, and in the most tender and gentle way possible, lovers are preparing the feast of Valentine’s Day this year which falls on next Sunday. Otherwise known as the Feast of Love, it will not be able to unfold as lovers think it will.

In principle, people are expected especially in the evening in bars and other places of leisure. Countless languid kisses should also be present. And to end the party well for many lovers, guess for yourself. The average person then asks the question how all this will unfold with everything that has been hovering for almost a year as barrier measures and restrictive measures.

"For February 14, there will be a device to prevent those who do not want to respect restrictive measures and barrier measures. The police and security forces members of the GMS will no longer wait to be called, but they will do the rounds in all directions to see if people respect the barrier measures as well as the restrictive measures ”, indicated Wednesday the Doctor Colonel, Professor Mohaman DJIBRIL who is the coordinator of the CNGR covid19 (national coordination of management of the response against covid19).

Now supervisor of the GMS of which he speaks, otherwise the Joint Anti-covid Surveillance Group19 which replaced the FOSAP (joint special anti-pandemic force), he recalls the way in which the end-of-year celebrations had been managed. The same is expected for the feast of Valentine’s Day.

"It’s true you saw, Noel has arrived, New Year has arrived, we didn’t celebrate like we did before. In the same way, February 14 will arrive, we are not going to celebrate February 14 as before, "explained the Coordinator of the CNGR.

At the time, the main restrictive measures that had been taken were curfews, a ban on consuming drinks on site. What will be the fate of the weekend or precisely Sunday ? The curfew has been announced for days on social networks and echoed by sidewalk radios as the probable solution to be decided. Is it true ?

“At the moment it’s not decided yet, but that’s not clear. The evolution of this pandemic is dynamic and therefore the response will also be dynamic. So, every second, decisions can be taken to simply counter the spread of the virus, ”Colonel DJIBRIL clarified.