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Cuckolded, he kills his friend and takes 10 years in prison

Publié le samedi 24 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

He stabs his friend to death when he surprises him in the middle of a sexual intercourse with his girlfriend, sanctioning the facts the Assize Court of Lomé sentenced him to ten (10) years of criminal imprisonment a man, for intentional homicide .
Seeing his concubine and the one who pretends to be his mate tasting the forbidden fruit, the intolerant Kossi Akoutcha, slammed a dagger in the abdomen of his friend.
Regarding the trial of this scene which took place in the Ave, the public prosecutor gives details "He is accused of having killed his friend Malam Agoro Saibou. He claimed he went to surprise his friend having sex with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he used a dagger, "noting that" If he was married to the woman, that can be taken as a mitigating excuse. Which is not the case in the case ".