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Djougou, new promised land for Togolese training abroad

Publié le vendredi 12 février 2021, par Gabinho

City located in the northwest of Benin, capital of the municipality of the same name and prefecture of the Donga department, Djougou is located about forty kilometers from the Togolese border, at the gates of the Atacora massif. Djougou is, by its population, the first city in northern Benin and the third in Benin ahead of Porto-Novo, the capital. Djougou has a total area of ​​3,966 km2. It is therefore this city which, since the resumption of the new Beninese season, has been vibrating to the rhythm of Togolese training. This is a finding since two big clubs of Benin’s elite football in this city in the north of Benin are being ripped off this 2020-2021 season by Togolese coaches.

Indeed, of the six Togolese coaches who have linked their destiny with Beninese clubs for the new season, two have put their bags in the city of Djougou.

They are Pawi Pidé Kao, new coach of Dynamique de Djougou, and Abdoul Aziz Sibabi, new coach of Panthères de Djougou.

The first arrived at the club preceded by his experiences with ASKO de Kara where he was assistant coach and the United Arab Emirates. It is therefore his experiences that he will have to put at the service of this Beninese Pro-League club.

What about Sibabi ? It should be noted that he was part of the adventure of qualifying the Unisport club of Sokodé for the CAF Cup. After this campaign where the club only played two games before being eliminated, he managed to convince the leaders of this prestigious club in Benin, the Panthères de Djougou, to get him to sign a contract to take the reins of the club. .

In any case for this season, we must expect several fratricidal oppositions between Togolese coaches since there are 6 of them exporting their expertise to this neighbor to the east of Togo. Good luck to them and may this experience bring more to their career and why not to Togolese football.