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Dr Tsolenyanu calls for more equipment

Publié le jeudi 24 juin 2021, par Gabinho

Equipment of health centers, a primary need on which the Secretary General of the National Union of Hospital Practitioners of Togo (SYNPHOT), Dr Gilbert Tsolenyanu, once again insisted during his intervention on Victoire FM radio.
According to the hospital practitioner, "equipment is not a luxury" therefore health centers feel the need. However, he urges leaders to play their roles especially at this particular time related to the pandemic as healthcare workers are already doing their part.
According to him, if Togo can push a sigh of relief due to the decline in cases of contamination, this is an opportunity for the authorities to take appropriate measures by equipping health centers in order to stem the crisis. .
“We will be told that the CHR Lomé Commune has been fitted out and equipped, but it is still missing. Infected patients will have their CT scans elsewhere, which is inconceivable. We have to win from this crisis, ”said Dr Tsolenyanu.
And to add : "It is a center (CHR Lomé Commune, Editor’s note) dedicated to care so theoretically, we must ensure that we have all the departments there. That we avoid moving Covid-19 patients to a center where we have not made the appropriate arrangements ".