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Forma ban for police officers on duty to manipulate their cellphones

Publié le mardi 21 juillet 2020, par Gabinho

From now on, the police officers on duty in Togo will have to dispense with the use of their phones for better concentration in the performance of their duty. This is a decision of the Director of the National Police.

By means of a memo, the Director General of the National Police ordered his officers to leave their phones under the surveillance of the postmaster from now on before going on duty.

"All police officers must henceforth leave their cell phones under the supervision of the postmaster before going on duty. The sentry must not make, receive a call or make WhatsApp while on duty, ”underlines the note from the Director of the National Police, Lieutenant-Colonel Yaovi Okpaoul, made public on July 16.

The reason for this decision is the fact that the use of the cell phone by the policeman on duty distracts the latter "from his mission and renders himself and the service in his care vulnerable."

For the Togolese police hierarchy, any failure to comply with this decision exposes the sentry to disciplinary sanctions but also his head of post and the invitation is extended to the directors of sectors, central, regional to ensure the execution of this instruction.

As a reminder, it should be noted that the use of mobile phones not only distracts police officers on duty but also certain state officials and individuals who sometimes prefer to give priority to messages, social networks rather than to citizens who are waiting for them or who return to their office for an essential service.
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