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Gada awaits the resurrection of his "Christ", "Gilchrist Olympio"

Publié le mardi 24 août 2021, par Gabinho

If today the Union of the Forces of Change (UFC), the emblematic opposition party of yesteryear, no longer holds the attention of many, Dr Folly Ekoué Gada other, thinks that good days await the party of Gilchrist Olympio whom he considers as Christ or even the Mandela of politics in Togo.
That’s what he hinted at (Historian who went so far as to compare the UFC parton to the slain lamb that will be resurrected on the third day.

Since the political agreement signed in 2010 with the ruling party, the UFC has lost its weight on the political scene, but according to Folly Gada after his intervention on Monday on Victoire fm radio, Gilchrist is similar to Jesus Christ on the political level.

“After Gilchrist Olympio decided to enter into a deal with the RPT, people gave up on him. Because they said it was an anti-historical decision. Gilchrist will become the lamb that will be sacrificed. Like Christ, I believe Gilchrist will be resurrected. In my metaphysical meditations, I believe that the three days of Jesus in the tomb correspond here to the three days of ten, that is to say about thirty years, or to the three days of the seven-year term, that is to say - say 21 years old. After these three days, I believe there will be a resurrection of Mr. Gilchrist Olympio, "the Historian said.

Despite the announcement of a departure from the party, Folly Gada took part in the meeting organized by the party on August 7, a meeting which also heralds the coming of the glorious days.

“Since Gilchrist Olympio’s Christ decision to make peace for the good of this country, our party has been divided into two ideological blocs. The first bloc is against the RPT and thinks it is a bad deal. It is made up of the chiefs of the UFC. The second board accepted the deal and embraced the process. These two blocs still reside in the party. This hushed and sometimes very violent dispute still crosses the UFC party. But I believe that good and long days are ahead for the Union of the forces of change (UFC) as soon as the right decisions will be taken and will be supported by all the forces that make up the party ”, concluded Folly Gada. .

Severin A.