Infos Togo Parade of April 27

Gerry Taama takes on TVT

Publié le vendredi 30 avril 2021, par Gabinho

For the only event that marked the celebration of the Independence Day April 27, 2021 and which She was responsible for covering, the Togolese National Television did not take responsibility in spite of itself. The deputy Gerry Taama not digesting this lack of professionalism raises the tone.
Due to the pandemic, the Togolese were unable to make the massive trip to the Presidency Boulevard and put their trust in the direct transmission of the mother channel TVT to experience the military and paramilitary parade which marked this sixty-first anniversary. of Togo’s accession to sovereignty. As soon as it started, technical failures occurred to disrupt the broadcast, so the web caught fire.
Disgusted by this mediocrity of the technicians of the TVT, the president of the Togolese New Engagement Gerry Taama asked for the sanction of those responsible.
“Along with covid-19, this military parade was the only official celebration of Independence Day. Since the general public was not invited, only the live transmission enabled those who still cultivate a sense of patriotism for our country today, to follow the event. And someone took that to spoil. Those responsible must be punished, whoever they are. Over-the-air, satellite and even Facebook transmission has been shut down, gbloo ! Unacceptable, ”MP Gerry Taama wrote on his Facebook page
Then he adds : “The TVT, despite the colossal investments made for its benefit, continues to disappoint. We have to correct that ”.
Severin A.