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Gulf 1 populations invited to seize this unique opportunity for collective immunity

Publié le vendredi 30 avril 2021, par Gabinho

Resumed for more than a week already, vaccination against Covid-19 continues in Togo. In the Municipality of Gulf 1 on Wednesday, it was time for a delegation from the Town Hall of this municipality of greater Lomé to tour the various vaccination sites. From the Ablogamé stadium to the Bè Kpota health center via the Dzifa Kpota field, the delegation led by the Deputy Mayor, Espoir Koudjodji, spoke about hearing the vaccination officers on the work that is made and their possible grievances, and transmit to them the words of the principal mayor and the Communal Council.

“The vaccination resumed a week ago, and it is okay to come to the field to see things. We went to Ablogame stadium, Dzifa stadium and to Bè Kpota health center. The good news is that it has picked up again at the health center level. According to the report given at different levels, we see that there is an improvement, at different levels, but we must continue to raise awareness because to truly achieve the objective, the populations must mobilize around this vaccination which constitutes the only way that will allow us to fight against this pandemic in addition to barrier measures. But vaccination will allow us to achieve collective immunity and truly counter the spread of this disease, "said the head of the delegation.

He was delighted that, "this tour allowed to know the realities in which the vaccination workers work and the enthusiasm that there is around this vaccination" and did not hide his satisfaction. "We are satisfied with the commitment of these vaccine agents, but we say that we must continue to raise awareness," he confessed, before continuing, "and to support this awareness, at our level, there is has sound vehicles circulating to convey the message, and we have called on the traditional chiefs ”. He promised that the grievances will be passed on. "We have taken good note, we will take these complaints to the place of the highest authorities", he concluded, welcoming him in passing "the fact that vaccination has resumed at the level of health centers".

For this tour, it should be noted that the Chief Physician of the Municipality of Gulf 1, Yobe Yakoua, was alongside the officials of this Municipality. From what he found, we remember that "there is a lot of reluctance but we are doing our best and urging people not to follow what is being said on social networks which convey false information. They say the vaccine is toxic to the population, this vaccine will come to kill us. We reassure the populations, the proof we were the first to be vaccinated on March 11 and 12, 2021 and we are well, there may be some side effects pain, small fevers but it is quite normal and it passes ". He praised the Town Hall’s approach.

It was also an opportunity for him to remind everyone of the vaccination process. "You dial * 844 # to be enrolled by phone or on the site, there is the physical enrollment and the digital enrollment, after, you are vaccinated, and after, there is the observation phase that lasts 15 Minutes, ”he said.

Like what, the fight continues and awareness, and vaccination must continue to overcome Covid-19.