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June 1, 2021 : here is what is asked of members

Publié le lundi 24 mai 2021, par Gabinho

Out of a billion plants that will be planted by 2030, Togolese deputies are asked to plant at least 22,750 this year and the plants will be left to them in the prefectural directorates of the environment and forest resources.

"The Ministry of the Environment and Forest Resources informs the National Assembly that the Government is giving a special stamp to the 2021 reforestation campaign. The challenge is to reverse the trend of deforestation and to guarantee availability. massive timber in the coming years.

To achieve this, the Government aims to implement an intensive reforestation program aimed at planting one billion pants by 2030.

The campaign, which will take place in two complementary stages, will begin with the official launch on June 1, followed by reforestation operations from June 2 to the end of the rainy season.

In this context, the Ministry of the Environment and Forest Resources makes available to each deputy 250 plants to be reforested, preferably in their respective environments.

These plans will be available from the prefectural directorates for the environment and forest resources.

The President of the National Assembly urges each deputy to take an active and effective part in the said campaign. "

This communication was brought to the attention of MEPs on Thursday, May 20.