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No Miss Togo 2021 !

Publié le jeudi 12 août 2021, par Gabinho

Scheduled for August 28, the final of Miss Togo 2021 is postponed to a later date. This is indicated in a circular note issued on August 10 by the Miss Togo National Committee.

Taking into account the realities linked to covid-19, the Committee, like last year, saw fit to postpone the organization of the final and this at short notice.
"The final of the Miss Togo 2021 Election, initially scheduled for August 28, is postponed to a later date, due to the state of health emergency in force in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic".

As a promise, the Committee will do everything to organize within a short time, the final of the Togolese feminine beauty festival, once the health situation is normalized, and in application of the regulatory provisions taken by the Government.

Severin A.