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Satchivi invited by Boukpessi and his collaborators to create his "Political Party"

Publié le jeudi 11 février 2021, par Gabinho

Looks like the SET and other movements that are having trouble recognizing aren’t the only ones being joined by another organization. This is the FCC (Common Front for Change) of which Foly Satchivi is said to be one of the leaders. At a press conference this Wednesday in Lomé, this front which was to see the light of day and would be born from the merger of the Movement in No Case with other organizations fighting for the well-being of Togolese, the officials exposed the tribulations of which they are the object. While they had left to declare and register a Front known as the Common Front for Change, Satchivi and his peers were asked to create a political party instead.
Here is the opening statement of this press conference which better edifies the situation ...
1- A few months ago, we felt that it was necessary to think outside the box to dare to explore the possibilities which, to this day, have remained fallow and, therefore, give the necessary direction to the common boat which, day by day, capsizes under the passive and helpless gaze of all those who aspire to Freedom, Democracy and Change. The solution adopted to achieve these ends was to create the Common Front for Change (FCC) about which we had already spoken to you at length.
2- The principle being retained, we had to move on to the next phase which consisted of registering our structure. At this level, we have done everything that was required for the Common Front for Change (FCC) to be able to exercise without difficulty. Unfortunately, our wishes seemed to offend the sensitivity of the Minister and his collaborators who then decided to do everything to prevent us from using our constitutional prerogatives. First of all, they demanded that the terms “Freedom”, “Democracy”, “Rule of Law”, “Good governance” and “Alternation” be removed from our statutes. We found the remark quite crazy. But we told ourselves that sometimes you have to accept to dance to the rhythm of the opponent. So we managed. After that, it was about the areas of intervention that needed to be changed. Here again, we rose up. But we still managed without knowing that the cursor has since moved. This is how after other reactions as bizarre as each other, they told us that it is the entire denomination Common Front for Change (FCC) that must be changed, unless we agree to it. transform into a political party.
3- We hereby want to tell the Minister and his collaborators that we have no intention of creating a political party. The Togolese are already divided enough that it would be intolerable to divide them further with a history of a political party. Our objective remains, above all, the gathering of all those who want the Change in order to demand a GENERAL AGGIORNAMENTO (GA) of the country. If it happens one day that we opt for this form of association, it will only be so as not to appear illegal. But we are not there yet.
4- The Provisional Executive Committee of the FCC would also like to take this opportunity to ask the population not to be discouraged by the sirens that have sounded for some time. The darker the night, the nearer the day. Tomorrow does not smell good but tomorrow belongs to us. We will be the artisans. We therefore ask all PATRIOTS concerned about the future of this country and its development to prepare themselves to make possible the updating of our country together. A new day is dawning in Togo.
Done in Lomé, February 10, 2021
The Provisional Executive Committee.