Infos Togo Non-compliance with commitments by the government

SYNPHOT and 6 other health unions "threaten" to go on strike

Publié le mercredi 11 août 2021, par Gabinho

They are not at all happy with the non-compliance with the commitments made within the 2019 Working Group by the Togolese Government. The health workers gathered within 7 unions of health practitioners (Synphot, Sylasto, Synsafeto, Synpersanto, Synpages, Synapreto and Synam), in front of the press this Tuesday, August 10, 2021, demonstrated it.

“On July 23, 2019 at the prime minister’s office, the then head of government, Komi Selom Klassou announced the delivery of 08 high-performance scanners before the end of December 2019 for the benefit of the country’s CHUs and CHRs, in addition to the 5 mobile clinics already in place. available to health regions. To date, health personnel and the Togolese population are still waiting for this promise to be fulfilled, ”notes the Collective, which continues, that“ of the 4,828 agents to be recruited under the 2019-2022 management, ie 1,207 per year, barely 1000 agents were recruited for 2018. This represents less than a quarter of forecasts (20.71%). The competition of December 05, 2020 is still not proclaimed ". While they recognize that efforts are being made in favor of the health sector in Togo, they do not see the establishment of a public hospital service and the revision of the compensation framework by the Ministry of Health, as recommended. by the conclusions of the Working Group.

"While efforts are being made by all parties to resolve health problems, we see a lightness and contempt in the consideration of our concerns by our line ministry regarding the implementation of the commitments made by the government in within the framework of the conclusions of the Working Group, ”reads the opening statement delivered to the press during today’s meeting.

If the Collective notes that their demands were communicated to the Prime Minister Mrs. Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé, in May 2021, through a memorandum, it seems to be out of breath and having only one alternative, according to the Deputy Secretary General of Synphot, Soulima Niwa : "We are simply saying that if nothing is done in the coming days, we will do what we know how to do : mobilize the base to claim our rights".

Among other demands in question, there is the recruitment and motivation of staff, the improvement of the technical platform, the establishment of a hospital public service and the revision of the transitional compensation framework and the governance of health structures. .

This is indeed a new, barely veiled threat which is brandished by this Collective and which, if nothing is done, is a harbinger in the coming days and weeks of working days still disrupted in the health sector and it is the populations. who may still suffer.