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The national census of social and economic infrastructure launched

Publié le mardi 24 août 2021, par Gabinho

Togo faces an imbalance in terms of the distribution of infrastructure and equipment throughout the national territory.

To bring out poles of national coherence, the Togolese government is committed to massively and harmoniously establishing new socio-economic infrastructures across the country. A vision to establish a new policy seeking to eliminate territorial divisions in terms of access to socio-collective infrastructure and significantly reduce poverty because the equitable access of populations to economic infrastructure is an important factor but also a vector of inclusive growth for the benefit of the most disadvantaged social strata.

Faced with these issues and the challenges to be taken up in order to promote a built Togo where citizens benefit from the same chances and the same opportunities to realize their potential and take charge of their destiny, it is therefore urgent to respond resolutely to the concerns linked to total fulfillment. fellow citizens as well as to viable and sustainable development.

Thus, the Togolese government wants, through the project to strengthen social and economic infrastructure (PRISE) which requires the involvement of all actors whose interventions and the structuring of the national territory, will promote equity in the access of Togolese to socio-collective infrastructure and services.
The project was launched at the beginning of the weekend spent in Dapaong by the Minister Delegate in charge of Territorial Development, in the presence of the Minister of Security and Civil Protection and the authorities of the region. The project will be implemented by the firm MITSIO MOTU which has good knowledge in this type of operation.
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