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The Scientific Council "savor" the fallout from the latest restrictive measures

Publié le mercredi 6 octobre 2021, par Gabinho

In Togo, after the alarming peak reached between July and September (up to 5,000 active cases over the period), new cases of coronavirus contamination are down sharply. This is the observation made on Sunday by the president of the scientific council, Didier Ekouevi.
This situation, confirmed by data from the real-time monitoring of the spread of covid-19 from the American Johns Hopkins University, is the result of the latest restrictive measures deployed by the government on September 10 for a minimum of one month.
Indeed, faced with the situation which has become worrying (fourfold increase in the number of contaminations, active patients, deaths linked to the disease, and saturation of care centers), the executive had made a new turn of the screw, and subject access to many places to the presentation of a health pass.
A strategy that made it possible to turn the curve again (50 new cases on average for several days) and boost the vaccination campaign. Laurels on which the epidemiologist does not intend to rest : "vaccination remains a necessity, he insisted".
As of October 2, Togo had 25,535 cases in total, for 233 deaths. A little less than 1,936 people are currently supported in the territory.

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