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They are being spied on by Pegasus

Publié le mercredi 21 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

After Catholic clerics, opposition political actors, civil society activists, Forbbiden Stories, through its investigations, made the world aware of the espionage of Togolese journalists by the regime in place which improperly uses Israelite software. Pegasus to watch everything
At least 600 politicians, 180 journalists, 85 human rights activists and 65 business leaders ... The list goes on, with 50,000 phone numbers targeted by Israeli spyware Pegasus. This is what the organization Forbidden Stories revealed on Sunday, after an investigation carried out in partnership with 17 media and the NGO Amnesty International.
Astonishing certain Togolese journalists, especially those investigating, appear on the list of targets victims of espionage via Pegasus used by the regime of Faure Gnassingbé who wants to protect power by all means. Among them are the journalists Carlos ketohou, Publishing Director of the newspaper L’indépendant Express, and the Publishing Director of the Togolese bi-weekly L’alternative, Ferdinand Ayité.
According to the international site Les Echos, Pegasus appears to be more than just a "telephone listening" tool. Reputed to be very efficient and powerful, it can suck all the data contained in a telephone (photographs, messages exchanged via applications, address book, etc.).
Invisible to the phone user, the software can be installed remotely, without the target even having to click on a malicious link, and discreetly, relying on security holes in Apple’s software. and Google.