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Togolese widow celebrated in anticipation in Lomé by the NGO FONDAVO

Publié le mardi 22 juin 2021, par Gabinho

The world celebrates International Widow’s Day every June 23, 2021. In Togo, as a prelude to this day, the Widows and Orphans Aid Fund (FONDAVO) organized this Sunday, June 20, 2021 in Lomé, a meeting at the place of widows.

Under the theme, "Widows facing the health challenges of Covid-19", this meeting made it possible to offer widows food donations as well as microcredits. Also, the NGO FONDAVO offered each of these women a health check.

According to Dr Charles Birrégah, president and founder of the NGO FONDAVO, widowed women experience enormous difficulties during this period of coronavirus, especially in taking charge of their health. He said that is why the NGO FONDAVO decided to give them a health check.

“The Covid-19 situation has paralyzed activities in all sectors and widows are not spared. The main problem for widows in this context of Covid-19 is their health because, no longer having the means, they can no longer take care of themselves. It is therefore even more essential for widowed women who find themselves alone to be able to access social security or other financial assistance for themselves and their children, ”he said.

He also appealed to all Togolese to help widows and orphans financially, psychologically and medically. “Today when we see what’s going on in the Sahel, Somalia, the jihadists are mostly orphans who haven’t been taken care of. So caring for widows and orphans is to anticipate to avoid these kinds of problems, "said Charles Birrégah.

It should be noted that the donation is made up of rice, sardines, spaghetti, vegetable oil, canned tomatoes, pasta, etc. It was distributed to nearly two hundred women.

The beneficiaries, for their part, thanked the NGO FONDAVO which, according to them, meets their expectations. "It’s a sigh of relief, we had completely lost hope but with FONDAVO’s gestures, we found the smile, the joy. The schooling of our children, our rents, our health are taken care of. The association also gives us microcredits so that we can do small businesses to be independent, "said Clarisse Sonhaye, president of widows.

The NGO FONDAVO has also expressed several expectations towards the public authorities, among others, the abolition of widowhood rites, the abolition of article 412 of the new code of the person and the family, the construction of housing. social services in each prefecture for abandoned widows.

Created in 1995, the Widows and Orphans Aid Fund (FONDAVO) fights against discrimination against widows and orphans and provides them with financial support, food and non-food through various social actions. It brings together more than 300 widows and 200 orphans.

Rachel D. / T228