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Two large markets Kara and Lomé ravaged by fire

Publié le jeudi 17 janvier 2013, par

Togo is in shock. A series of fire, whose origin is unknown, is recorded at the beginning of 2013. After the great fire occurred Thursday in market of Kara January 10th, it was the turn of the famous large market of Lome called "market Adawlato" lung of the Togolese economy in the night from Friday 11 to Saturday 12 January last, came just 48 hours after the market of Kara. This is the main building market Adawlato of Lomé which is consumed by the massive fire.

Everything is in ashes. And there is concern that the higher levels of the building collapsed. It is a scene of desolation and bitterness suffered by merchants and traders who have worked hard for years continuously and today who have seen things fall apart in no time. Even if for the moment, there have been no loss of life ; some traders have fallen in syncope, once arrived at the scene of the fire. As for the origin of the fire, no one knows to this day.

According to some speculation and stakeholders, they are caused. But by whom ? For the government, the series of fires that destroyed within 72 hours, two major markets in the country is a "criminal act." In a statement, he will launch an investigation to inform the public about the tragedy.
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