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What does the average citizen gain ?

Publié le jeudi 24 juin 2021, par Gabinho

Regarding the process of Togo’s accession to the Commonwealth, a delegation from this governmental organization which works for the social and economic progress of its members, went to Lomé since Monday, however it is necessary to know the good cause for which a country must join the Commonwealth ? And the benefits that the people derive from it ?
With Queen Elizabeth II (Head of the Commonwealth) as its symbol, this community of nations has principles based on the formal constitution of the London Declaration of 1949 which makes member states “free and equal” partners. With regard to these principles, the citizens of the member countries enjoy equality because they are not strangers to each other, and in diplomatic terms, only the "senior citizens". commissioners ”represent the government and not the Head of State (the Queen), which bans the role of ambassadors. With that, a citizen outside his country can turn to the British consular assistance in the absence of diplomatic representation.
One of its fundamental missions is to work for the social and economic progress of its members. Thus, the CFTC (Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation) supports the efforts of developing member countries to accelerate the pace of their economic growth.
On the other hand, the Commonwealth is a large market with a huge population. “It’s a market of 2 billion consumers. This is an opportunity for Togo. We are also going to rub shoulders with other cultures, "explained Mr. Franck Missité, Chief of Staff to the Minister of Media, on Monday June 22, 2021 to the heads of professional press organizations on the subject.
Now the Commonwealth team in Togo has already met with the Head of Government, Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé, before moving on to discussions with political actors and other actors. At the end of the mission, the team will report to the organization’s heads of state on Togo’s efforts to meet Commonwealth criteria.
To join the Commonwealth, acceptance of the principles set out in the charter is strongly recommended ; to be a sovereign state ; recognize Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth ; accept English as a Commonwealth language ; respect the wishes of the population whether or not they belong and have had a historic link with a state that is already a member.