Infos Togo Furious at the suspicious success of AKAKPO, LARE, LAMBONI, KOKOROKO

Yoto volunteer teachers drop chalk starting Monday

Publié le mercredi 6 octobre 2021, par Gabinho

They are furious after the announcement of the results of the teacher recruitment competition last December. They are Yoto’s volunteer teachers.

Here is the content of a letter addressed to the inspectorate ...

Tabligbo, October 1, 2021
Mr. Head of
Inspection of IEPP- YOTO
Is West
Subject : Cessation of educational activities.
Mr. Inspector,
We have the honor to present to you our dissatisfaction at the end of the proclamation of the Civil Servant Teachers’ competition of December 12, 2020, which was catastrophic for us true volunteer teachers.
 Given the work we do on the ground in very miserable living conditions
 Given the repetition of a single name admitted in the three regions
 Given the alignment of names alphabetically without table number, without date of birth.
 Given the alignment of names such as AKAKPO, LARE, LAMBONI, KOKOROKO, which are not on the basic data of Volunteer Teachers.
 Seen the name as ATOR Abravi Catherine marries KPEBADA,
we are deciding a work stoppage in the entire Yoto prefecture as of Monday, October 04, 2021 to demand the direct integration of those who have passed the competition and the support of the rest of the volunteer teachers.
Please accept Mr. Inspector, our highest respects.
Yoto Prefecture EV Collective